Utilizing a Sales Dashboard – Episode 182 – Part 3 of Building a Framework of Sales Management

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“Guys, there is over a million dollars of lost business in here,” was all that one of Tim’s former colleagues had to say while cleaning out a wastebasket to make him realize how much money his company was losing by not having a sales dashboard.

In today’s episode, Tim explains how to utilize a sales dashboard. This tool will allow you to track opportunities that have not closed in a much more granular way, making your life easier and making you more money.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The things you should consider when creating a sales dashboard (this is everything you need to see and everything you don’t).
  • How to rate the attractiveness of a job (this is a systematized way of always knowing what customers are the highest priority).
  • What software solution is right for your sales dashboard (this is not as important as you think).

While sales are still slow, it’s the time of year to make change. Listen to this episode—part three of the Building a Framework of Sales Management series—to help you close more opportunities.

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