Q&A (Season 10 Finale) – Episode 192

Published by Timothy Reed on

In this episode, we round out Season 10 by answering questions that have come in over the last few months. In this episode, Tim responds to these questions:

  • How quickly should you greet a customer who walks into your showroom?
  • Where do you start if you’ve never managed a team before?
  • Should a business offer annual service plans and extended warranties to differentiate from their competitors?
  • How do you build a compensation plan for a sales team?
  • Should bonuses be split between sales and installation since they both rely on each other?
  • How do you know if a customer has the budget for the fireplace they are looking at?

Don’t miss this episode—and make sure to check out next week’s podcast for our new series of FTM rapid reaction until Season 11 kicks in September.

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