Holly Reed – Episode 203 – Greet the Customer (Step 1)

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Very few retailers make their customers feel welcome and comfortable when they enter the store. As a result, connections with customers are shut down, and potential sales are lost. However, a genuine and well-crafted greeting holds the power to forge meaningful connections and drive sales.

In today’s episode—the first installment of “The Seven Steps of The Sales Process Revisited” series—Tim has a conversation with Holly Reed, Sales Associate and Project Manager at Chimney Techniques. Among the numerous salespeople Tim has encountered, Holly stands out for her outstanding ability to create an inviting atmosphere for everyone.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The dos and don’ts for stellar customer greetings (you’ll wonder why you didn’t know these sooner).
  • What strategies can be used to build genuine connections with customers (unlock the secret to boosting customer loyalty).
  • How to handle multiple customers at once (never let a busy store compromise customer satisfaction again).

Don’t let your initial interaction with customers go to waste. Learn the art of making customers feel welcome and comfortable by tuning into this episode on the first step of the Seven-Step Sales Process.

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