Matt Bradley – Episode 204 – Understand the Customer’s Problem (Step 2)

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Sales is not about bombarding customers with product information, but rather about taking a step back and truly comprehending what they need.

In today’s episode—the second installment of “The Seven Steps of The Sales Process Revisited” series—Tim talks with Matt Bradley, the Partnership Manager at WhyFire and editor of The FireTime Magazine, about arguably the most important step of the Seven-Step Sales Process. Matt’s perfect for this discussion because he’s a natural at understanding customers’ problems in an authentic manner.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The questions you should ask a customer to understand their problem (these vary by customer).
  • How understanding a customer lets you know if they’re a good fit for your business (you want this knowledge early on).
  • Why you want to be serving people first and selling to people second (this mindset buys credibility in the long run).

When you step into your customer’s shoes, you transform the entire sales process. Don’t miss this episode, where we discuss the significance of truly understanding the customer’s problem (mastering this step is the single best use of your team’s time and energy).

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