Jonah Lindley – Episode 206 – Explain the Process (Step 4)

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Empowering the customer with choice is a cornerstone of effective sales. But how do you guide them through the process while ensuring they always feel in control?

In today’s episode—the fourth installment of “The Seven Steps of The Sales Process Revisited” series—Tim sits down with Jonah Lindley, Branch Manager for Ash-busters Chimney Service, who excels in demystifying the process for customers so that they feel confident in taking the “leap of faith” while also knowing they can opt-out at any moment.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What effectively explaining the process to customers should sound like (and when to do this).
  • How to provide customers with an informed choice at every step (no surprises here).
  • Why clarity of language is so crucial to fostering trust (when customers understand what to expect, they’re more likely to take the leap of faith).

Stop leaving your customers in the dark and start illuminating the path ahead. In this episode, we unveil the techniques for explaining the process to your customers, ensuring clarity and empowerment every step of the way. Tune in and improve your sales process today!

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