Dennis Deakin – Episode 208 – Pursue the Opportunity (Step 6)

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Every sale has momentum, and pursuing the opportunity is essential to maintaining this momentum as time goes on. Just how do you do this?

In today’s episode—the sixth installment of “The Seven Steps of The Sales Process Revisited” series—Tim has a conversation with Dennis Deakin, the sales manager at Sutter Home and Hearth, whose wild career has shown him the importance of pursuing the opportunity in sales.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to delicately keep the conversation going with customers (including several techniques to do this well).
  • Why math guarantees success if you just pick up the phone and follow up (there are no excuses not to be doing this).
  • The secret to doing follow-ups extraordinarily well when you’re first getting started (the key is to be honest with the customer).

Don’t let the momentum of any sale fade without a fight. Improve your ability to pursue opportunities by listening to this episode today!

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