Episode 212 – Mark Stoner – Train Your Installers the Right Way

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Most companies struggle to grow their installation teams because they don’t have a good way to train new people. And whether companies realize it or not, the lack of installers is the biggest lid on the growth of our entire industry.

In today’s conversation, Tim sits down with Mark Stoner (President of Ashbuster’s Chimney Service, Parter at SureFire Training Academy, and serial entrepreneur) to discuss how he has systematized training in his company to grow technicians and installers. In this conversation you’ll learn:

  • Why the “Big Dog, Little Dog” training approach just doesn’t work (even though it’s what most of the industry does).
  • How to build a training system that can be used consistently over time (this is something you can do in just a few hours).
  • Why most companies are missing out on the potential they have to serve more customers (it has to do with their approach to service and installation).

If you feel like it’s impossible to hire new installers for your team then don’t miss this episode. You can build a system that finds the right people and grows them into the service professional that your company needs!

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