Episode 217 – Clay Dennis – Grow Your Business Regardless of the Economy

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Every retailer in our industry wants to eliminate the extremes that the seasonality of our business causes—but how do you do that?

In today’s episode, we invited Clay Dennis (Owner, Part Time Business Partners) back to the show to talk about how businesses in our industry can win sales—and grow—regardless of the season or economic climate.

In this conversation, they cover:

  • Why service after the sale is the key to sustainable growth—and huge profits.
  • What it takes for a retailer to perform over 3,000 service appointments in a single year.
  • How business owners should think when it comes to the lifetime value of a customer.

Don’t be a company that’s content to ride the economic waves of our industry when you can grow intentionally regardless of that. This episode with Clay will give you exactly what you need to get started!

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