Matt Bradley – Episode 140 – Vision, Mission, Core Values – Part 3

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Pretty much all business owners know where they want their companies to go. Still, very few actually understand how to break down their big goals into smaller, achievable objectives that can be distributed company-wide.

In today’s episode—the final one of the season—Matt Bradley returns to talk to Tim about WhyFire’s goals and objectives for the next three to five years. In doing so, they hope to provide some insight into how you can create your own goals and objectives.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How WhyFire’s goals and objectives came to be (and how the definitions of “goals” and “objectives” differ).
  • How to give your employees just the right amount of authority (and why you should let team members own specific goals).
  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with people who balance you out (and how doing so will allow you to see where you’re blind).

We all dream of reaching our companies’ loftiest goals, but few of us break down the steps to achieve them. More often than not, this creates stagnant companies that barely scrape by. If you’re ready to craft goals and objectives that will truly move the needle, then this episode’s for you.

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